meat pie recipe-recipe dubai

Small meat pie recipe are only incredible for parties or for the bubbly season. These smaller than usual meat pie recipe packages are minimal delicious endowments you’ll appreciate providing for loved ones meat pie recipe

meat pie recipe-recipe dubai

meat pie recipe-recipe dubai
meat pie recipe-recipe dubai


400g diced meat 

2 little onions finely cleaved 

1-2 red finger stew pepper(optional) 

3 cloves of garlic squashed 

1 teaspoon gram masala 

1 little potato diced 

1 cup frozen blended vegetables of decision 

1 tablespoon pureed tomatoes 

add meat or vegetable stock 

salt to taste 


1. Cook the meat, pour water in a skillet to cover the meat,add salt, bubble until it’s delicate, keep the meat fluid whenever meat is cooked. Add more water if necessary 

2. In a different saut√© onions and stew pepper (if your utilizing it), add the garlic, fry until the onions are mellowed. 

3. When the meat is cooked add the singed onion combination to the meat and fluid, pour in the diced potato, add the blended vegetables, garam masala and pureed tomatoes. Put in a stock block either meat or vegetable stock.Stir continually and add salt to taste if necessary. 

4. Cook on meat filling on a medium warmth, until the fluid has reduced. Leave the filling to cool prior to placing into the puff pale. 

5. Carry out the puff baked good sheet, utilize a sharpe blade to cut into silces of various sizes. 

6. Gently beat an egg. Brush the egg along the edges of the puff baked good. 

7. Drop the filling into the focal point of each puff baked good cut, crease the cake over the filling and seal along the edges. 

8. Pleat along the edges with a society to make a patten and prick the highest point of the baked good a couple of times. meat pie recipe

9. Lay the baked good packages in a heating plate on oil evidence paper leaving space between each. Brush the beaten egg on top of each puff cake and put into the stove to prepare at 400F/200C/Gas Mark 6 for 20 – 25 minutes or until the pale is brilliant earthy colored 

Cooks Tips 

To fill the instant puff baked good sheet you can likewise utilize 2 puff cake sheets cuts, put filling on one and lay another on top to cover, seal along the edges. 

Frozen vegetables to utilize carrot,peas,sweetcorn,beans, you may have to cut the carrots more modest if making small scale meat pie recipe

Have a go at utilizing chicken, fish or simply having a vegetables for the meat pie recipe filling.

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