How to make Chocolate Donuts recipe

Crunchy, fluffy, and soft donuts

Crunchy, fluffy, and soft donuts, whether coated in cinnamon and sugar or glazing with chocolate, are as tempting as they look. You and your entire family will love Homemade Chocolate Donuts, especially for kids.

How to make Chocolate Donuts recipe

How to make Chocolate Donuts recipe
How to make Chocolate Donuts recipe

Ingredients Required to Prepare the Dough for Donate

All-purpose flour – 2 cups

Salt – 1/2 tsp (according to taste)

Milk – 3/4 cup

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Butter – 1/4 cup

Oil – for frying donuts

Dry Active Yeast – 1 tsp

Salt – 1/2 tsp (according to taste)

Oil – for frying donuts

for glazing donuts

Powdered sugar – 1/4 cup

White Chocolate – 100 grams

Brown chocolate – 100 grams

How to make Chocolate Donuts recipe
How to make Chocolate Donuts recipe

How to make Chocolate Donuts

First, prepare the dough for a donut. Heat the milk slightly (lukewarm hot), heat the butter so lightly that it mixes with the flour.

Take the flour in a big bowl, add sugar, salt, dry active yeast, and butter to the flour and mix all the things well, now with the help of lukewarm milk, prepare a soft dough (it takes a little less than half a cup to apply this much flour) A little more milk has been applied, knead the dough for 5-7 minutes to make it smooth.

Give the dough the shape of a round ball, and put dry flour on the board, place the round dough on the board, and with the help of a rolling pin, make 1/2 – 3/4 cm. Take a thick roll, cut round donuts from the rolled sheet with the help of a glass and cut a round hole in the middle of the cut donuts with the lid of a bottle, lift the cut round donuts and keep them in the tray. After taking out the donuts, the dough that is left, make round balls again, roll them out, 

cut them in the same way, and prepare donuts. After all the donuts are ready, apply oil on the donuts with a brush, so that they will not dry out.

Cover the donuts and keep them for 2 hours, donuts will swell up to double.

After 2 hours, put oil in a pan to fry the donuts and heat it, put 2-3 donuts in medium hot oil or as many donuts as can be in the pan, and fry the donuts on a low fire till golden brown and take out the napkin paper. Keep it on a plate. Fry all the donuts and take them out

After frying, wrap the hot donuts in powdered sugar.

Glaze Donuts:

Melt brown and white chocolates, keep the bowls of melted chocolates down, and dip some donuts in white chocolates, take them out and keep them on a plate and take out some by dipping them in brown chocolates.

Decorate the white chocolate donuts by drawing a line or making a curve by making a brown chocolate cone. Make a cone of white chocolate and decorate it with a line or curve on the donuts with brown chocolate.

How to Melt Chocolate

To melt chocolate (Chocolate Dark Compound & White Compound), heat water in a vessel and put small pieces of chocolate in another vessel, place it over a vessel containing hot water. Melt the chocolate on medium flame till it becomes very thin, keep stirring the chocolate with a spoon every 1-2 minutes. After melting the chocolate, take it off the gas and keep it down and use it when it is slightly hot.

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